Our Products

We offer a wide selection of home-made products such as: Bath Crystals, Bubble Baths, Soaps, Essential Oils, Dry Herbs, Incense Sticks, and Soy Candles Made with Essential Oils.


To attract the energy of love.

Mystical Herbs Passion


To attract true love.

Mystical Herbs True Love


To achieve peace of mind during challenging times.

Mystical Herbs Serenity


To attract financial prosperity.

Mystical Herbs Prosperity

Road Opener

To remove obstacles and open doors to new opportunities.

Mystical Herbs Road Opener


Cleansing your body, your aura, and your environment of negative energy.

Mystical Herbs Cleansing

Candles and Incense

We offer a great selection of incense sticks, cones, holders, soy tea lights and votives.

Mystical Herbs Incense
Mystical Herbs Incense

Essential Oils

We provide a wide variety of pure essential oils.

Mystical Herbs Essential Oils

Bubble baths and soaps with essential oils and herbs.

Mystical Herbs Bath Soaps

Gemstones and Jewellery

We offer a selection of gemstones and jewellery.

Mystical Herbs Gemstones Jewellery


We sell books on Spirituality, Hinduism, Religion, Herbs, and much more.

Mystical Herbs Books

Plants, dried herbs and cut fresh herbs.

Herbal remedies and herb spices.

Specialty Herbs: Sweet Grass, Jasmine, Cloves, Epazote, Patchouli, Lemon Vervena, Hyssop, Yerba Santa, Lotus Leaves, Rue, Mexican Cilantro, White Sage, Tulsi, Greek Sage, Greek Lavender, Peruvian Sage, Lotus Seeds, Cardamom, Honey Suckle, and many more.

Mystical Herbs Dried Herbs

We provide a great selection of easy to take care of house plants.

Mystical Herbs Dried Herbs
Mystical Herbs Dried Herbs


Hand-made containers for plants and vases for flowers.

Mystical Herbs Ceramics
Mystical Herbs Ceramics

Candle Holders and Ceramics

We offer various candle holders and indoor pottery.

Mystical Herbs Holders
Mystical Herbs Holders

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